we could tell you that we are a fully licensed and focused company with competitive pricing, which is all true, but that’s not what our company is all about.

Natures gala is a young & energetic company that seeks to offer healthy products at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious business. We strive to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food & to provide our customer with the most compelling experiences with our fresh mushroom. Our mushroom is handcrafted in small batches & picked fresh for delivery. We want to drive a new era of cultivation, growth & Productivity.


To be the best-integrated mushroom company in India by creating long term value for customer employee supplies &  the community.


To connect every Indian kitchen to the multi dimensional world of nutritious mushroom.

Partner Stories

  Bharat & Lokesh remained friends through college. Both got hospitality management degree & got busy climbing the fancy career steps in the fancy world of five-star properties which were the top payers of the industry.

After 6 years in a casual new year party, both realised that they shared a mutual passion for farming & for next one year they strategised for it. To capitalize on this shift, they quit their jobs, moved in together, and after exact 10 months of all conceptualisation and intense labour pain gave birth to Natures gala.

They both are first-generation farmers. They knew that coming from a family with no entrepreneurial background, the margin for error and to recover from it would be minimal keeping this in mind they decided that they wouldn’t work on the same things at the same time.  

They both have drastically different outlooks and skills sets, but these very differences have made the relationship flourish.

Lokesh is a sales-minded dreamer and is in charge of business operation and customer experience.

Bharat has a creative vision and strives to combine fresh and modern techniques to existing ones and pays close attention to every detail of product management.